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Malik Laziz

(GR Lahab (Al Lahab x GR Nashidah (Classic Shadwan) x Chantal's Aziza (Ansata Sinan))
2016 Purebred Colt
Beautiful, refined Egyptian related colt for sale!

Malik is born in February 2016.


(Amirat Al AshAanon (Ansata Najdi x Imperial Baalorah by Imperial Baarez) x GR Bint Shadwan (Classic Shadwan x Shanaya Bint Najdi by Ansata Najdi))
2015 Straight Egyptian Abeyyan Colt
2 year old Straight Egyptian colt for sale.

Sire: Amirat Al AshAanon (Ansata Najdi x Imperial...


(Maheeb (black sire of Champions) x by black show-winner GR Faleeh)
2017 BLACK Straight Egyptian Filly
Super pretty homozygous black Straight Egyptian filly with great showy movements and gorgeous people loving...

Nadifa Halima

(Malik Halim x Nashua Halima)
2015 chestnut Straight Egyptian Saqlawi Jidran Mare
Nadifa Halima has a typical likeness to her Moniet El Nefous damline with a very typey dished head and a fine...

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